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Let's get started with HTML!

Let's get started! In html, most tags follow this format:

<tag_name> This can be any html tag: most of which you will learn here!
Whatever you want to write in this tag goes here. This text inside the tag is implemented, in the way of the tag.
</tag_name> This is the closing tag. Most tags have closing tags. This ends the tag.

The starting tags

The first tag we need is the <!DOCTYPE html> tag.It is marks the start of the HTML code. The <html lang = "en"> tag acts as the container for all HTML tags, except for the <!DOCTYPE html> tag. Most HTML tags have an ending tag, which is just the former tag with a forward slash in front of it inside the angle brackets.

<!DOCTYPE html>
The <!DOCTYPE html> tag marks the start of the html program. It doesn't have any ending tag.

<html lang="en">
The <html lang = "en"> tag acts as the container for all the html code.

This is the closing tag of the <html lang = "en"> tag.

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